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New York Social Security lawyer, Wendy Brill, explains her approach to disability cases

If you are like most people, you find the process of obtaining Social Security disability benefits to be stressful. This stress is only compounded by the fact that your health is compromised and you are worried about supporting yourself and your loved ones. A knowledgeable and experienced New York Social Security disability lawyer can take away some of this anxiety and ease your mind.

I have been helping disabled New Yorkers obtain Social Security disability benefits for 30 years. I know how the system works, and I provide my clients steady guidance through all stages of the process.

If you are considering applying for New York Social Security disability benefits

If you are considering applying for New York Social Security disability benefits, I will meet with you, free of charge, to make a preliminary determination of your eligibility. We will meet in person, or via telephone conference if you are unable to travel; we will discuss your medical condition, your treatment history, and your work history. If you meet the basic eligibility criteria, I will:

  • Gather evidence, including medical records, employment records and education records.
  • Obtain written opinions from your doctors about your diagnosis, treatment, medications, prognosis, and the limiting effect of your impairment on your daily activities.
  • Complete the required paperwork and file your application on your behalf.

If you are considering appealing a denial of your application for New York Social Security disability benefits

If your initial application for New York Social Security disability benefits was denied, I will review your denial letter; analyze the facts of your case in terms of the governing Social Security law; and develop a coherent strategy for your appeal. I will:

  • File the paperwork required for an appeal on time, so you will not have to begin this process over again with a new application.
  • Fill the holes in your medical record. I am skilled at reading medical records and analyzing what is in the record and what is missing from the record. For example, if your symptoms are not consistent with your medical records, you may need to be evaluated by a specialist who can explain and document your symptoms.
  • Prepare you to testify at your hearing before the administrative law judge. The best testimony is detailed testimony that paints a vivid picture of your daily life with your disability. I will make sure you know what to expect at the hearing, so that you can relax and talk openly and honestly about your symptoms and your daily activities.
  • Prepare witnesses (e.g., family, friend, co-workers) to testify on your behalf.
  • Obtain additional non-medical evidence, e.g., vocational evaluations, as needed.
  • Protect your rights at your disability hearing by making an opening statement; monitoring the testimony; objecting to improper evidence; and making written and oral arguments to the judge that explain how the law applies to the facts of your case.

Contact New York Social Security disability lawyer, Wendy Brill

No regulation or rule requires you to have an attorney in order to obtain New York Social Security disability benefits; however, even the Social Security Administration agrees that your chances of success are greater if you rely on an experienced Social Security disability lawyer to guide the way. If you would like to put my 30 years’ experience handling New York Social Security disability claims to work for you, please contact me. Tell me about your situation using the Free Claim Evaluation form on this page, or call or email me.

Wendy Brill
New York Social Security disability lawyer

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